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[Scrap market outlook for April] Expectations growing for a further price rise
● April Market: Growing Expectations for Additional Rise ... How much will price go up?Korean scrap market has been traditionally bearish in April. Scrap pri
2019-03-25 15:13
[HR market in Mar] How will price change?
▲ Market outlook in March: Recovery in demand, the key factorThe main issue in the hot-rolled(HR) market in March is rising market prices. In particular, As
2019-02-27 17:22
[Scrap market in Mar] “How much will price rise?"
The factors that kept scrap prices from rising in February were sluggish consumption and inventories which remained high during EAF steelmakers’ facility rep
2019-02-26 08:15
[Feb market forecast-Steel pipe] Competition to accelerate in Feb
▲ Steel pipe market in Jan: makers suffered from sluggish demand and fierce competitionIn January, the Korean steel pipe market had a hard time due to sluggi
2019-02-01 11:05
[Feb market forecast-STS] Will STS price, turn around?
1. Global STS market trend ◆ Global STS prices, reached the bottom In January, stainless steel(STS) prices were down in all regions except Korea. However, th
2019-01-31 15:45
[STS Market prediction in Jan] Price to remain weak in Jan
1. Global STS market trend ◆ Global STS prices: turn to a downward trendIn December, stainless steel(STS) prices were down in all regions. Surcharges were l
2019-01-02 13:34
[Adieu 2018] Issues in the Korean steel plate market
In 2018, Korea´s steel plate market has gone through a lot of changes across the industry. SteelDaily had the time to look back on the Korean steel plate mar
2018-12-31 15:07
[CR Market prediction in Jan] Will Korean CR makers´ profitability improve?
▲ Will the price of Chinese steel increase after February’s Lunar New Year holiday in China? As import price of Chinese HR continues to fall, offer prices h
2018-12-31 11:22
South Korean STS industry, need to learn from Europe
At a STS industry seminar held on November 26, Park Chan-wook, a researcher at POSCO Research Institute(POSRI) delivered a presentation titled ´Current statu
2018-11-28 13:17
South Korean STS import/export until 3Q of 2018
Quarterly stainless steel(STS) hot-rolled(HR) and cold-rolled(CR) coil imports have gradually decreased this year, while quarterly STS HR/CR exports have show
2018-11-15 15:25
Price hike...the only way for South Korean special steel makers to survive
● Deteriorated profitability between 1Q and 3QUntil the first half of the year, South Korean special steel makers´s profitability declined significantly. In
2018-11-07 13:59
[CR Market Outlook for Nov ] Price rise, expected to be difficult in Nov
▲ Unclear if 4Q profits will improveSouth Korean old-rolled(CR) coil makers tried to raise the sales price in October following September. Those efforts, how
2018-11-02 14:00
[HR Market Outlook for Nov] Will price rise in Nov?
▲ HR market in Oct: Rising offer prices, but few contracts made1In October, hot-rolled(HR) coil market continued to suffer from a severe slump despite enteri
2018-11-01 14:44
Special steel bar exports · imports, rose sharply from Jan to Sep
Both exports and imports of special steel bar(for car parts) soared in South Korea in the first nine months of this year. In particular, imports exceeded expo
2018-10-16 15:01
Will Korean hot-rolled coil makers, regain access to the U.S.?
There has been changes in the U.S.´ strong regulations on steel imports. The U.S. granted exemption for some steel products from countries subject to its exp
2018-10-10 14:21
1 2
1 [ASF 2019] 'Steel consumption in ASEAN to grow this year'···secretary general of SEAISI
2 Low carbon steel wire rod export↓ in Aug...import↑
3 Exports of steel products↓but imports remained at last year’s level in Aug
4 STS HR imports, barely exceeded 30,000 tons in Aug
5 [ASF 2019] “Steel is a sustainable material”···Nippon Steel´s Toshio Isohara
6 [ASF 2019] “Issues in the steel market in 2020?”···S&S vice president Kim Hong-sik
7 [ASF 2019] ´Chinese steel industry, need efficient restructuring´...Vice Chairman of CIS
The future of automotive steel plates is still ´iron´ ···
Park Hyung-keun, a senior researcher at POSRI
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[9-1 KSSP] Declined slightly led the drop in Seoul metro
[8-3 KSSP] KSSP showed mixed results depending on region
[8-1 KSSP] KSSP declined slightly in the 1st week of Aug
[7-2 KSSP] KSSP continued to fall for the fifth consecut
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STS HR imports, barely exceeded 30,000 tons in Aug
[ASF 2019] “Issues in the steel market in 2020?”···
[ASF 2019] “Steel is a sustainable material”···Nipp
Exports of steel products↓but imports remained at last
[ASF 2019] ´Chinese steel industry, need efficient rest

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