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Analysis Despite strong raw material prices, Chinese STS prices remain flat
Despite strong raw material prices such as nickel, China´s domestic demand and export prices have slowed recently. Prices of stainless steel(STS) in China ha
2019-08-29 07:07
Will Chinese HR imports exceed 100,000 tons in Aug?
Will Chinese hot-rolled(HR) imports exceed 100,000 tons again in August? Due to soaring foreign exchange rates and falling profits, importers are still reluct
2019-08-19 05:48
Contribution Chinese steel market overview
Steel prices in the Chinese market plunged last week.A number of issues, including a continued rise in market inventories due to oversupply, a sharp fall in i
2019-08-13 20:02
HR imports from China hit the lowest level this year in July
Hot-rolled(HR) imports from China hit the lowest level this year in July. According to a recent survey conducted by SteelDaily, customs clearance of Chinese H
2019-08-12 08:47
Japanese scrap price index, stopped declining in three months
Japanese scrap price index stopped declining in three months. H2 prices, announced by the Japan ferrous raw materials association this week, stood at JPY24,30
2019-07-22 21:42
STS 수입유통, 단가인상 재정비
스테인리스 수입업계의 7월 단가인상이 지속되며 단가표가 재정비되는 모습이다. 7월 들어서면서 일부 스테인리스 수입 유통업체가 304 열연과 냉연 제품 가격을 소폭
2019-07-16 18:42
Issue Japan´s curb on exports to South Korea...its impact on steel exports?
As the Japanese government has decided to tightly control exports to South Korea of chemicals used in producing semiconductors, smart phones and TV starting o
2019-07-05 11:34
HR roll margin, fallen to the lowest level of the year
Hot-rolled(HR) roll margin has fallen to the lowest level of the year. For the time being, it is predicted that there will be a fierce competition among domes
2019-06-27 10:15
Special steel bar imports declined again in May
Special steel bar imports fell again in May. According to statistics from the Korea Iron & Steel Association, special steel bar imports, including stainless s
2019-06-25 14:04
Have offer prices by STS mills, reached the bottom?
More and more people are saying that stainless steel(STS) export offers in Asia have reached the bottom as offer prices started to rise led by exporters in In
2019-06-25 11:27
Focus STS 수입재 바닥권 도달..국내산은?
수입재를 중심으로 스테인리스 거래가격이 바닥권에 도달했다는 의견이 늘어가고 있다. 국내산의 경우 포스코재 기준으로 수입재와의 가격차가 최대 45만원 수준의 격차가
2019-06-20 06:39
후판 수입통관 급감 ‘터닝포인트’
고수준을 유지하던 국내 후판 수입통관이 6월 대폭 감소할 전망이다. 최근 상반기 조선향 가격협상 타결과 함께 원-달러 환율이 급등 등이 직접적인 요인으로 분석된다.
2019-06-18 11:49
China´s crude steel output hit a record high in May
China´s crude steel output hit a record high in May.According to the data released by China´s National Bureau of Statistics on June 14, China´s crude steel production in May came to 89.09 million tons, up 8.9% YoY
2019-06-17 16:25
Chinese HR customs clearance, the lowest of the year in May
The volume of Chinese hot-rolled(HR) clearing customs declined in May. It is understood that importers have become reluctant to enter a new contract due to th
2019-06-17 09:51
Steel plate imports, expected to decline in June
The volume of steel plates clearing customs in South Korea is estimated to remain high in May. However, with the recent surge in the won-dollar exchange rate,
2019-06-05 15:44
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4 STS HR imports, barely exceeded 30,000 tons in Aug
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7 [ASF 2019] ´Chinese steel industry, need efficient restructuring´...Vice Chairman of CIS
The future of automotive steel plates is still ´iron´ ···
Park Hyung-keun, a senior researcher at POSRI
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STS HR imports, barely exceeded 30,000 tons in Aug
[ASF 2019] “Issues in the steel market in 2020?”···
[ASF 2019] “Steel is a sustainable material”···Nipp
Exports of steel products↓but imports remained at last
[ASF 2019] ´Chinese steel industry, need efficient rest

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